Won-Door Maintenance & Inspections

You have a Won-Door In Your Building, but did  you know they should be tested quarterly and receive routine maintenance at least once a year?

According to NFPA 80 inspection codes:Won-Door Service

  • End User is responsible for making sure quarterly inspection & maintenance program is being followed
  • Annually a qualified Individual shall inspect and document inspection. (NFPA80
  • Individuals performing the service shall provide proof of qualifications to the facility prior to performing work
  • Doors are of no value unless they are properly maintained and closed or able to close at the time of fire.

Quarterly Won-Door Maintenance

Won-Door Office space

Quarterly maintenance should include the following:

  • Make sure the door properly opens and closes all of the way
  • When it is closed, make sure it fully seals inside the track
  • Test the ‘Push to Open’ button and make sure it fully opens. The door should have a minimum of 36 inches clear when open.
  • When the smoke detectors in alarm, the door should close fully.
  • When closing the door, test the sensor to make sure the door stops. This will prevent the door from hurting anyone
  • While the door is moving open or closed, make sure to check the seals at the bottom, check for tears. This is very important since these seals protect your building from fire!
  • Check all of the components in the back (while the door is pulled away from the wall). Get a ladder and make sure the chain and gears are oiled in the back. Lithium chain oil is what should be used on the chain and gears.
  • Check the battery operation – this must be done quarterly to make sure the door is fully operational.

There are door companies that may say that they can provide maintenance on your Won-Door, but why gamble with your investment choosing a company without the authorization of the manufacturer? Eastern Door Enterprises has the training and the backing of the Won-Door Corporation to be your official Factory-Authorized Service and Maintenance team.

When you need to make a repair or perform your annual scheduled maintenance, we are here to help. Our skilled team can perform factory-authorized certified Won-Door maintenance in New Jersey. For more coverage areas you can visit our Door Services Corporation website.

Planned Won-Door Maintenance

As your Certified Won-Door Planned Maintenance dealer, we have the training and experience to perform all maintenance tasks needed in order to ensure the longevity of your Won-Door products. Rather than waiting for problems to happen, it is always recommended to have your doors maintained at least once a year.

The keys to minimizing repairs on Won-Door accordion doors are proper installation and routine preventive maintenance. A Won-Door folding partition is designed for maximum flexibility and resilience enabling it to withstand shock and abuse. Fewer moving parts greatly reduce the chance of damage or failure. Under normal operating conditions an extended lifespan is assured. With proper planned maintenance, you can enjoy ease of operation for many years to come.

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